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Zhengzhou rises in central China丨鄭州再度全球圈粉

Zhengzhou international2019-04-22 11:20:10

  Recently, a video about Zhengzhou on the website of the State Council Information Office has become a hot spot among netizens. The video shows Zhengzhou's rapid economic growth, good business environment and advantages as a traffic hub. In addition, it has served as a promotion channel overseas to promote the unique charm of Zhengzhou to the world.



  After the video was launched on the Facebook and Twitter of "china.org.cn", as of 12:00 on April 15, the post had been read by 300,000 people and nearly 2,000 netizens had participated in the interaction (likes, comments and retweets).




  Zhengzhou's economic and social achievements have attracted many international fans, which have gained a lot of likes from overseas netizens. Nik Cowling wrote: "Zhengzhou is a great city!" " I am proud of the people of Zhengzhou and their efforts every day," wrote Bora Mfalme.

  海外網友紛紛為鄭州的經濟社會發展成就點贊,吸引無數國際粉。網友Nik Cowling留言:“鄭州是個非常棒的城市!”網友Bora Mfalme留言:“我對鄭州人民和他們每天付出的努力感到驕傲!”










  The latest video is also broadcast through Google. After it was launched on platforms such as THE LOCAL, a well-known website in Sweden, and capital.ro in Romania, as of yesterday the total number of views (on the website) was up to 800,000, which greatly increased the overseas audience of this program.



  Let's see what it says about Zhengzhou.▼




  Zhengzhou, the capital of central China's Henan province, reported a GDP of more than 1 trillion yuan (US $149.2 billion) for the first time in 2018. It also registered a permanent population of over 10 million and achieved a per capita GDP of 100,000 yuan, all milestones from the city's remarkable efforts to build a National Central City.




  Driven by innovation, Zhengzhou set up the world's biggest iPhone factory in recent years and has become the headquarters of the world's largest producer of passenger cars.






  The favorable international business environment is key to the high-quality development of its economy and the high-quality construction of a National Central City.




  Zhengzhou is now home to more than 700 foreign-funded enterprises, and 83 of them were established in 2018, pulling in foreign capital of US $4.21 billion.




  With the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, the Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone, the National Innovation Demonstration Zone, the Comprehensive Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone and other such strategic initiatives launched in the city, Zhengzhou has drawn more and more high-end professionals by further optimizing its talent policy.




  The city attracted 214,300 young talents to work and start businesses here in 2018.

  2018年 鄭州持續優化人才政策吸引21.43萬青年人才就業創業。



  In the future, it will lead the formation of a city cluster in central China, making it more attractive to talents.




  The growing pull of Zhengzhou hinges on its increasingly prominent status as a transportation hub.


  In March 2017, the State Council defined Zhengzhou's strategic position as an "integrated international transportation hub".




  Its airport operates 242 airline routes spanning the three major economic zones of Europe, Asia and the Americas and covering the world's major economies.


  The Zhengzhou-Europe Railway Express has been in operation for more than five years. It transports commodities from 126 cities in 24 countries around the world, serving almost 3,000 domestic and foreign businesses.




  Zhengzhou has also operated 206 sea-rail combined cargo trains to Lianyungang, Qingdao, Tianjin, and other Chinese ports.


  Known as the "City of Trains", Zhengzhou has always been the center of China's railway network.




  With the implementation of the national high-speed rail development plan, the city is expected to become the heart of China's high-speed rail network.


  According to the "Zhengzhou Transport Infrastructure Development Plan (2019-2021)", in the next three years the city will complete the construction of a high-speed rail network that leads to all directions as predicted.


  Zhengzhou will create a three-hour economic circle to connect cities within a 1,000-kilometer radius, bringing together nearly 790 million people in the area.




  As more human resources, commodities, capital, and information flow into the city, Zhengzhou is marching into a new chapter in history to shoulder the mission of a National Central City, lead regional development, and step onto the world stage.



Zhengzhou Release


Let me hug you again,Zhengzhou讓我再次擁抱你,鄭州!

According to the recent statistics, more cities in China will have a population of 10 million: permanent resident population in Xian and Zhengzhou in this

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Zhengzhou is the second city after Chongqing which introduces Recombinant Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent Vaccine.

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